Reliable, cost-effective machines built to meet the tough challenges of the African continent.

SEM combines Caterpillar engineering machinery production technology with the strictest manufacturing standards, supporting customers in many major international projects with the reliable and powerful machines. The machines' reliability and toughness ensure customers' performances efficiently, even under the most extreme working conditions. SEM provides customers with professional and responsive services, strives to meet customers' strictest requirements in reliability, ruggedness and worry-free operations.


The SEM equipment range offers machines suited for quarry mining and coal mining applications, such as mine surface stripping, mining road construction and maintenance, site cleaning, material loading and transportation.SEM machines offer uncompromised reliability, safety and increased productivity on site.


  • Rock Face Loading
  • Feeding
  • Material Transportation And Piling
  • Loading


  • Wheel Loaders
  • Track Type Tractors


SEM is a suitable choice for applications in the agricultural field, such as land reconstruction, afforestation, fishpond construction and other projects, involving operations such as trenching, levelling, backfilling, and earthmoving.These machines are the optimal solution to increase your uptime and productivity.


  • Site Leveling
  • Earth-moving
  • Grooving
  • Excavating


  • Wheel Loaders
  • Track Type Tractors
  • Soil Compactor
  • Motor Grade


Wheel Loader

The SEM Wheel Loader line consists of compact, small and medium wheel loader to meet the needs of every suitable application.

High Efficiency: the larger bucket capacity and faster hydraulic cycle time, deliver higher efficiency and overall productivity.
High Transport Productivity: higher maximum speed delivers high transport productivity.
Operational Comfort.
A faster second gear speed means a shorter loading cycle.
Productivity: Performances series bucket can load 10%-15% more in the same condition which improves productivity.
The traction force of the whole machine is large, and the bucket is easy to penetrate into materials, saving fuel and improving productivity.



The versatile track type tractor is your solution to landscaping, site prepping, material clearing, slot dozing, and leveling.

High Productivity: experience an operating efficiency of 30% year on year, thanks to the mature hydrostatic transmission technology of CAT® track type tractors.
Comfortable Operation: a large space canopy and multi-functional electrical lever makes for a smooth, comfortable operation.
High Reliability: More reliable core components with world class pump and motor.
Low Operation Cost: Good serviceability and low maintenance cost.


Motor Grader

Experience exceptional performance from the SEM motor graders for surface grading, now featuring a large cab on the front frame to view the blade and front axle during application

High Performance: Load sensing variable piston pump and specially designed PPPC valves provide superior control and better machine performance.
High Reliability: Specially designed SEM tandem axle, flanged large box section front frame, A-shape drawbar frame with box section, are designed to handle heavy duty applications providing excellent reliability and durability.
Easy Operation: Specially designed operating levers matching specially designed hydraulic system give operators outstanding "feel".


Soil Compactor

SEM Soil Compactors are essential machines for compacting soil and aggregates in residential, commercial, and industrial site preparation.

High Reliability and Durability: The proven Caterpillar pod type vibration system matches the hydraulic components of world-renowned brands and the industry standard supporting power and transmission systems.
High Performance: Highly-pressurized closed hydraulic system drives the pod-style vibratory system to create a smooth operational norm. The travel speed matches the vibratory frequency, providing excellent compaction performance and efficiency.
Easy Operation: Powershift gearing, hand throttle, and automatic engine speed adjustment for gearing controlled by the clutch pedal.

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